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QSKC and the Coronavirus (updated 24/03/2020).

As a club we are constantly monitoring the changes in terms of both medical advice and government measures to reduce the spread of the Corona Virus. In addition we respect the choices that our trip leaders and Instructors make when they decide to run an event or activity.
Sunday’s session for Enclosed Sea Guide and Sea Guide is going to be postponed until further notice due to the need to get close to other participants (as part of the self rescues) and the time spent in the water undertaking skills demonstrations / practice. While this is unfortunate it does provide an opportunity to review the theory components associated with obtaining the Paddle Australia Qualifications (which are attached for reference).
Our Committee are looking at mechanisms for delivering benefits to members and are now working on holding Navigation training online (more details to come). As part of this approach for online training we will also be opening a Facebook survey asking what we can deliver for you during this time and into the future?
We note that more restrictions are being introduced to controls the spread of COVID-19 including closing Queensland borders, the request that travel be minimised and that Redlands Council is petitioning for Moreton Island to be closed off during Easter. Accordingly QSKC will now suspend on-water events in the interests of doing our part to protect the health and welfare of all.
As a club your safety and that of the community are first and foremost and we thank you for understanding. Paddling Australia has asked that we reduce the close contact that can occur with Assisted Rescues. If you do go out paddling during this time then it is an appropriate time to practice your self-rescue skills to enable you to become more self-sufficient and avoid the close contact that can be potentially associated with an assisted rescue (unless this is required for safety). Things to work on in order are:
• Balance (good balance avoids the need to be rescued. Learn to trust your boat);
• Braces including Balance Bracing;
• Rolling;
• Re-entry and Roll;
• Paddle Float;
• Cowboy
• Towing;
• Back / Front Deck Carry (away from Cockpit) with another taking the boat
Our advice about being self-sufficient does not mean that we are encouraging members to take undue risks or paddle by themselves particularly since unforeseen events can happen and while we have an activity that provides appropriate social distancing when appropriately performed it is still a Group activity as part of appropriately managing risks.
On behalf of the QSKC Committee

Five Island Tour
14-20 May 2018

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