Event Logs

This page contains links to CSV files containing logs of each QSKC Event in a format suitable for importing into Australian Canoeing’s free mobile app: Paddle Log (links below).

After each event, the Trip Leader will provide the details of the event so a permanent record is made of the conditions of the event.

Each member is encouraged to maintain their own personal paddling logbook using Paddle Log.

These files make the maintenance of the club member’s log book a simple process. Simply import the appropriate file onto your mobile device; phone or tablet, delete the events that you did not attend and then make changes to the log entry that are specific to your participation.

If you only require a small number of entries from a particular file, open the CSV file in a spreadsheet program and delete the rows from the spreadsheet, and save the file again as a CSV file.

If you want all of the entries from all of the files imported, ensure you indicate No when asked if you want to Replace Current Entries.

To see which Events you registered for (not necessarily attended), log in to SportingDNA and on the opening page scroll down to see the list of Events.

Note that the AC Id that you use with Paddle Log is NOT the Id you use with SportingDNA. See the Paddle Log Support page to find instructions for finding your AC Education AC Id.

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