QSKC & Redland Bay Coastguard hold joint rescue training day.

QSKC and Redland Bay Coastguard held a joint kayaker rescue training day off Macleay Island on 3 July.

11 paddlers & Coastguard CG72 & CG71 crews took part, looking at various scenarios of paddlers in distress in the water requiring more than kayak paddlers assistance.

Redland Bay Water Police attended the pre-event briefing, and checked in with the Coastguard after the training. Water Police were pleased with the Club’s emphasis on safety, with routine use of PFDs, PLBs & radios., and were pleased to see the joint training event being run.

QSKC & Coastguard were all happy with the success and outcomes of the day.
Pictures & comments available on the QSKC Facebook page.

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