Disposal of Expired Flares & Beacons

Disposal of expired flares
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Check the expiry dates on the side of each flare and dispose of out-of-date flares as soon as possible.
Out-of-date marine flares can be disposed of in special collection bins provided by the Queensland Department of Transport at:
• Volunteer Marine Rescue
• Australian Volunteer Coast Guard

Disposal of unwanted distress beacons
Please do not throw your beacon in the bin. Beacons can inadvertently activate if they are not correctly disposed, which often occurs when beacons are thrown in the rubbish and end up in tips.
Every year, thousands of dollars are spent in Australia searching for beacons in rubbish dumps. Search personnel and assets which are tasked to look for beacons that have been inadvertently activated, are then unavailable for a real emergency. Beacon batteries are hazardous items which should be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.
• Surrender your beacon at your local Australian Volunteer Coast Guard or your local marine Battery store

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