4-14 July – Whitsunday’s Multiday Trip – Grade 2


Trip Leader: John  Simmons

Date: 4-14 July 2015

Venue: Whitsunday Islands


Brief Description of Activities
There will be detail briefing notes to follow to be sent to all participants and a pre-trip meeting. Please note that all campsites and island ferry transfers, accommodation at Airlie Beach have already been booked and paid for. Event summary below:-
We will either leave on Friday night 3rd July or early Saturday morning to drive to Airlie Beach (12.30hrs 1,120Ks) for Saturday night accommodation (booked). The following morning (Sunday) we are booked on the Scamper (Island transfer barge) at 7am to take us to drop off at Henning Island (arrive about 8.15am). We will ten paddle to the campground at Whitehaven Beach via Solway Passage for 2 nights (Sunday and Monday nights). From this base camp we will explore Hill Inlet and Haslewood Island. On the Tuesday we will paddle to Cairns Beach (just on the NW tip of Whitsunday Island) where we will stay for 2 nights (Tuesday and Wednesday). We will explore the old under water observatory and take a walk up to Whitsunday Cairn.
Leaving on the Thursday morning we will paddle on the eastern side of Hook Island to reach Maureen Cove on the northern side of Hook Island for 1 night (Friday night). We will snorkel on the coral (which is excellent at this location) the following day. In the afternoon we will leave and paddle a short distance to Steens Beach Campsite on the NW side of Hook. Unfortunately Maureen Cove campsite has been all booked out by a group for the past 12 months. We will then paddle to Joes Beach on the western side of Whitsunday Island. This is the longest paddle of the trip (25Ks) and we will need to leave early as the tides are not favourable. We will be stopping hopefully at Langfords Reef for some magnificent snorkelling about half way through the paddle on this day.
At Joes Camp we will spend 3 nights (Saturday to Monday nights) exploring that area of Cid Harbour (excursion destinations could include Sawmill Beach/ Whitsunday Peak and possibly Hamilton Island depending on the weather conditions at the time).
On our last day we will either paddle to Shute Harbour (16Ks) or catch the Scamper transfer back at about 9.30am. Whether we paddle will depend on the weather conditions at the time and the skill of the group (i.e. both groups – see below comment).
All the camp sites are booked and paid for and the camps may change if availability at Maureen’s Cove changes from now to the trip date.
The camp sites are very ordered and all have toilets.
As mentioned this is a concurrent trip with the University of Queensland Canoe Club and some of that group may not be as capable paddlers as those in the Queensland Sea Kayak Club pod.

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