20 Jun 15 – Karragarra Island/Macleay Island Circumnavigation – Grade 1


Trip Leader: John Simmons

Date:20 June 2015

Venue: Victoria Point

Attendees: John Simmons, Helena Norfolk, Ian Narborough, Cathy Narborough, Henry Pinter, Peter Kubler, Jenny Walker, Stephen Walker, Martin Purvins, Chris Murphy, Mark Hessling, Jennifer McDonald,

Brief Description of Activities:  We will be leaving from Victoria Point heading to the southern point of Macleay Island via the protected channel between Garden Island and Macleay Island. We will lunch on Karragarra Island at the picnic area. Following lunch we will head north along the eastern side of Macleay Island via the narrow channel between Lamb Island and Macleay Island. We will follow the eastern shore to Potts Point then cross over direct to Victoria Point.
We will be practicing some skills along the way including edging, and navigational skills. It is not intended to have you in the water. Toilets are available at the lunch place.
Please note that this will be a concurrent trip with the University of Queensland Canoe Club (Martin Wynne, who is also a member of the QSKC) will be the trip leader for that group/ pod.

Event Details:Karragarra Island-Macleay Island Circumnavigation 20 June 2015

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