9 May 15 – Grade 1 Trip Leader Training


Trip Leader: Mark Hessling, Jean-Marc Pitot, Tony Hirst

Date: 9 May 2015

QSKC LogoVenue: Redcliffe

Attendees: Dayna West, Jenny Walker, Stephen Walker, George Oughton, Peter Kubler, Cathy Narborough, Mark Lazenby,

This training is for members interested in becoming a QSKC Grade 1 Trip Leader. This session covers boat control, self-rescue and assisted rescues, group management, water and weather assessment, basic navigation, trip planning and more. Numbers limited to 8.
Bring morning tea and lunch.
Refer to the online Assessment that we have to complete at the end of the session.
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Email: events@qskc.asn.au

Event Details: TripLeadersTraining-May9

This event is for QSKC financial club members. If you wish to attend our events, contact our membership officer.

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