8 Jan 15 – Scotts Point Paddle – Grade 1


Trip Leader: Jean-Marc Pitot/ Cheryl Christensen

Date: Thursday 8 January 2015

Jean-Marc Pitot
Jean-Marc Pitot

Venue: Scotts Point, Margate

{The first Thursday in January is New Years Day so I have made this monthly paddle on the 8th January}

Attendees: Cheryl Christensen, Jean-Marc Pitot, Mark Hessling, George Oughton, Kay Watson, Henry Pinter, Tony Hirst,

Grade 1 paddle launching from Scotts Point, Margate. The trip plan will be decided on the day depending on the winds and tides.

This is a friendly coastline that offers a mixture of sandy beaches as well as mangrove reserves. If we are lucky we will encounter turtles and dolphins. The trip length will vary from 16 km to 19 km. We will take some morning tea at the halfway point before returning to Scotts Point for lunch in the park for those who want to linger. Back at approx 12:30pm.

Event Details: Scotts Point Thursday Paddle

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